medical marihuana like other prescribable narcotics
Medical marihuana – Just another prescribable narcotic?

There is a great news from Germany! The ministry of health just released a very progressive draft to regulate medical marihuana like other prescribable narcotics, this means every doctor can prescribe it and patients can buy it in every pharmacy. The proposal includes a provisional arrangement to make it reimbursable and covered by health insurance.

The government has to do anything to prevent a foreseeable court decision, patients are sueing for the right to grow their own medicine.

The ministry of health document also contains the suggestion to establish a cannabis agency according to the UN Single Convention. This agency will run a state monopol on the medical marihuana market and give licenes to companies to grow the cannabis.

For now it’s just a proposal but the outcoming law must be good enough to satisfy the Federal Administrative Court.

More is coming soon!

4 Gedanken zu „German goverment plans to regulate medical marihuana like other prescribable narcotics

  1. Great news ! The announcement of the federal cannabis agency dates back to November 2015. Was the draft already foreseen or is it really a new thing following the potential judiciary problems ?

  2. Soll man sich jetzt freuen, daß cannabis nun wie Opiate behandelt werden.
    Wird man dann nicht beim Arzt wie ein Drogensüchtiger behandelt, wenn man Cannabis will und keine anderen Substanzen?

  3. It should be regulated as traditional medicines, tinctures and similar stuff. Cause it was a traditional medicine before they banned its use and stopped our tradition.

  4. just make it possible for us old people who need cannibus be able to get it.

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