• Refugees From Mexico Drug War Flee to US; By Andrew Becker; As a drug war rages throughout Mexico and along its northern border, an increasing number of Mexicans are crossing into the United States to flee the killings, extortion and kidnappings that have plagued places like Juárez and Tijuana.
  • Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Spills Over, Alarming U.S. – Chris Hinkle for The New York Times; By RANDAL C. ARCHIBOLD; Published: March 22, 2009
  • U.S. Taking Steps to Control Violence on the Mexican Border; By GINGER THOMPSON; Published: March 24, 2009; WASHINGTON — The Obama administration said Tuesday that it would move hundreds of federal agents to the country’s southern border to prevent a spillover of drug-related violence from Mexico, and that it would focus more efforts on stopping weapons and money from flowing south.
  • Mexico: List Published of Most Wanted Drug Kingpins; By ANTONIO BETANCOURT; Published: March 23, 2009
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